Recently I was trying to install WinDbg preview on my Laptop. When I opened MS store I realized that it is blocked by security settings. Now I was in dilemma, should I try to bypass the security or is there a way WinDbg Preview can be installed without accessing MS store. So instead of directly installing it on my laptop I started my Virtual Box windows 2019 VM.

Next after lot of googling I found the URL that can be used for directly downloading the file. To download the file, open PowerShell and execute

PS C:\WINDOWS\system32>Invoke-WebRequest ‘paste url here’ -OutFile “C:\debug\windbg.appx”

Once file is downloaded, install the package by executing following command in Powershell

PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Add-AppxPackage -Path C:\debug\windbg.appx

Wait for few minutes and the you can launch WinDbg Preview by simply typing WinDbg in search

How to get the URL?

  1. Open
  2. Open MS store website and search for Windbg

3. Copy url and paste it in and you will get the link to download appx file

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