Windows Process

In this post we will take a closer look at Windows Process. We will start with defining different parts of a process, look briefly into Virtual Address space and then will take a closer look into internal data structure and threads. A process is a container inside which a program executes. At a very high […]

Setting Up Windows 2019Virtualbox VM for Kernel Mode Debugging

I’ve been reading on Windows Memory Management and decided to take a deeper dive into Windows Memory Management. For this I decided to use Windbg in Kernel mode, attach it to 2019 VM . I am documenting the steps for future reference. For installing windbg preview please refer to my previous post Before we start we […]

WinDbg Preview download and Install without MS Store

Recently I was trying to install WinDbg preview on my Laptop. When I opened MS store I realized that it is blocked by security settings. Now I was in dilemma, should I try to bypass the security or is there a way WinDbg Preview can be installed without accessing MS store. So instead of directly […]