How to stop Windows Server auto-shutdown every hour after license expire

Recently I was cleaning up old test VMs from my laptop and while doing so observed that a test VM with Windows 10 Enterprise Evaluation version would restart almost every hour. This interested me and I decided to figure out how Microsoft is achieving this. Issue After Windows license expires, you will see a similar […]

Solving Memory issues with RAMMAP.exe command line

Few days back, customer escalated an issue which was going on for last 2 months and there was no progress. Problem Once or twice a month, memory consumption on a sever would hit 100%. To recover from the situation, we had to reboot the server from Azure console. I started by studying the incidents customer […]

My First experience with MS SysInternal Tools

Finally, my organization decommissioned cisco VPN, I had no choice but to move to the Pulse Secure VPN. To start with I reached out to our local windows admin and he shared installer and document for installing and configuring Pulse VPN. I followed the document both in letter and spirit (pun intended) and configured my […]